Wednesday, January 2, 2008

R.I.P Gene Lee!

The Chicagoist reported that Gene Lee died last week. His fam posted a blog on his myspace page about how he'd been struggling emotionally since dropping out of med school some time ago. We assume anyone who dances around Wicker Park and Co. in speedos whenever weather permits is working some stuff out in his head.

The first time I peeped his steez was two years ago at Pitchfork Fest when he was rioting in his hotpants just outside the backstage area. Some of the artists invited him onstage to do his thing. Then he continued lurking around the hipster hood in his panties and it got a little weird, like "Oh, there's that dancing underwear guy," which I guess just adds texture in a city with other local celebrities like the Pigeon Man (*pouring some out for him too*).

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blackgold said...

I remember gene use to come into sultan's. The funny thing was, was that he would be chillin, talking to mai (the ole lady)for hours on end. thats when I realized mai got something extra going on in that brain of hers, god knows I love her but damn!