Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eli From The Class Of 2005. Recognize & Realize.


Big Stace said...

1) I got uncomfortable for a second b/c i felt like this was a clip making fun of people with down syndrome, but then I realized it's a clip making fun of grown-up crack babies. game on!

2) why is the host so gay for Jeremy, the judge in the middle? he keeps touching all over him! Jeremy starts to look pissed about it mid-way through.

koochzilla said...

the dude has his arms wrapped around j dubb!

and then how his head is swaying back and forth while hes talking, but continues to sway even when hes done talking and the cameras still on him.

i wasnt trying to make fun of people with down syndrom.

my first time viewing this i thought it was fucked up on a lot of levels, but then watching it again i saw how it was hilarious on a lot of different levels.

mainly the editing of the video. like how when the music stops it cuts to eli just standing there using the double view. and then how they put his head around a heart at the end.

there was just too many gems in this one to have just posted it up off the strength of the kid being disabled and i thought that was funny..

koochzilla said...

and when eli chokes but then comes back for his 2nd chance, it looks like he blacked out and let god speak thru him.

Big Stace said...

or a small scale seizure.