Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Got Body if You Want it...

Though I haven't been following (or covering) much rock these past two years, I started hanging around some of my indie rock friends again recently and they took me to see The Prairie Cartel a couple weeks ago. If you are looking for the next local band-to-watch, I'd wager this is it, unless you count my friend Bill's awesome noise rock band, These Are Powers, who split their time between here and brooklyn.

At any rate, The Prairie Cartel will play tonight at Outdanced! (Funky Buddha Lounge), which is $5 cover ($3 if you RSVP), and will be worth every penny when you hear them play "Homicyde," a funk-rock track that derails at the end to an absurd chant, "homo / homo / homo / homo." If you can't make it tonight, they also spin a DJ set Thurs. night at The Burlington.

Since I'm making this post all about plugs, I'll also mention here that my friend Damon of another local band you should know, The Eternals, is also spinning a DJ set Thurs. night at Danny's. If I am lucky, he will bring the "No Diggity" record, b/c he knows that is my jam.

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koochzilla said...

ask him to bring "rumpshaker".