Wednesday, December 12, 2007

no country for anyone

so, i dont wanna get all serious and be a big downer or whatever, and i know everyone has already seen this movie, but i just had to write about it. i believe it to possibly be the most honest, profound and brutal piece of modern cinema to emerge in years. i found to be deeply compelling and (gulp) political, because of its underpinnings of subjective morality, and the dehumanization of ourselves as a society. it makes the clear point that in the end we have no one to blame but ourselves.

numerous movie critics have pointed out the coen brothers using this movie as a venue to make thinly veiled comments about our countries military involvement in iraq and the demoralization to our collective psyche that comes along with it, or just ask Alec Balwin at the HuffingtonPost or the Chicago Reader's own Jonathan Rosenbaum.

at any rate, if you dont know, now you know. go see it.

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Micaela B. said...

The best (and most concise) review that I've read regarding this movie. Good job.