Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not that I didn't have shit to do today...

But the cable guy came, and suddenly I have full access to The Wire, Season 4, at my fingertips. I know I'm kind of checking in with the late pass on this one but...




Shorties are growing up and coming into power. McNulty is tryna front like he's done with the game but we aaaaallll know that won't last! Slow ass Pryzbylewski is now prematurely ejaculating in the schools instead of on the streets. And good ole' Bubbles is still using! Ahhh the world feels right again.

So two things: Shout out to my main squeeze, man of my dreams, almost-husband Omar Little, who drops knowledge to live by. Omarism #401: "How you expect to run with the wolves at night if you spar with the puppies all day?"

And secondly, a haiku for hopeful endings in Season 4:
I hope this season
Pryzbylewski gets fucked up
Pussy bitch for real.

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