Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RACE WARS - When White America Strikes Back!!!!!!!!!

An interesting video I thought. Hillary is coming to the realization that while diamonds are forever, political dynasties aren't. Hillary at this point is shaking in her boots. Latest polls show Barack ahead with 33 percent to Hillary's 29 percent.

So now that she is behind and realizes the democratic nomination isn’t her birthright, her campaign strategy has shifted to trying to talk trash on Obama. But unlike normal trash talking they have taken it to a level of racial, ethnic, and even religious stereotyping and baiting that i havent seen since .. well wait, i have never seen a viable black man run for president so i guess i have nothing to compare this lastest conflict in Race Wars to. Moving on. The notables, being Barack doing cocaine as a shorty (which Barack has admitted to, and written about in his autobiography) and being accused of possibly being a drug dealer because he admitted to getting high when he was young. Bill Shaheen, the man who put out the question of if Barack was a drug dealer, and also New Hampshire co-chair of Hillary's campaign, resigned after he started getting flack for the comment. But then Hillary decided to contradict her own campaign and said Bill Sheenan was asked to step down. Whether he resigned or was forced to leave its not a good sign when your New Hampshire co chair steps down. But check out the first minute of the video it pretty much breaks down the gist of what im talking about.

But the bigger question is why Bill Clinton didn’t ever get accused of being a drug dealer because of his admitted drug use.

And though the Clinton Camp has gotten rid of Bill Sheenan, they seem to have done this so that they could keep referencing Barack cocaine use as exhibited by this video of Mark Penn, Campaign Consultant for Hillary's Campaign.

Then comes along Bob Kerry (Clinton Supporter) as if he was on the payroll of Fox News, referring to Barack as Barack Hussein Obama, insinuating that Barack is running from who he is and his "Muslim" roots because he won’t refer to himself as Barack Hussein Obama. Oh like Hillary "that’s right no one knows her middle name cuz no one cares" Clinton, or John "since when we did we start caring about politicians middle names" Edwards are held to the same standard. No of course not, so why is Barack being held to that standard. That’s right it’s called the R-word. Let’s stay it all together RACISM!!!!!!! Naw but on the real it obvious in this video that Bob Kerry is doing the trick of acting like you are giving a compliment to a opponent when in fact you are attacking him on things voters would perceive as going to far.

So being called a coke head, drug dealer and being lectured on how and why you should use your middle name - Hmmmm, just a day in the life of being young, black, gifted and running for president.


yeti said...

if it weren't for you, i'd have no idea what's going on in the world. thank you, iola.

hec said...


i feel your comments and echoed them a few months back. well, not echoed, since it was in the past and that is not possible. whatever.

tasha lala said...

hey its not so crazy that barack is under the spotlight for his skin tone. this is in fact Amerika... but nonetheless i havent heard too much discussion of hillary's cooking, cleaning or homemaking abilities. you would think that might come into play if she werent running against a non-caucasian. makes me wonder....