Tuesday, December 11, 2007

White Boy Rapper Appreciation Week...

In honor of Brian Wilson’s lost rap tap. Yes, Matt Dike (nh) did produce for Tone Loc, Young MC and the Beastie Boys, but I think we can file this one under "career indiscretions," like that time I saw Busta Rhymes pee on the NYC sidewalk one morning at 5 a.m. and tell some white bitches to go fuck themselves. Like white bitches don't buy Mountain Dew!!!! For shame Busta!

So for this, Mike Dike gets the "Dood Quit Playin'" award of the week. And we're posting some classic white boy moments in honor of white boy rap appreciation week.

For the record, I like this song.

"VANILLA! NOOOO!!" (P.S. Isn't this cast of hosts so "Reality Bites"???!)

"When it's time to party / We have a tea party!"

Hey, Jews are whites too!

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Dan said...

I feel when discussing white rappers this video needs to be acknowledged...