Thursday, February 14, 2008

From Da Potomac to Infinity!!!!!!!!

We realize that this primary process is pretty opaque -- particularly to young people outside political professions. So here is the breakdown of where things stand, as simply as we can frame it. Right now the delegates are split as follows.

1096 pledged
157 super delegates
1253 total

977 pledged
234 super delegates
1211 total

Super delegates are an entirely separate conversation, which we'll post later about -- but for now the main thing to focus on is the total number of delegates on the side of each candidate. Barack takes that lead. Of course the tides can sway -- half the U.S. still has to vote -- but Barack is not only leading in total delegates but also in the popular vote and the number of won states.

The video below breaks down the state of the Democaratic primary further, for those who are interested. Considering the lopsidedness of his 8 past wins, Barack is on the verge of finding the straw that will break Hillary's back. Whats most significant about his most recent win in Virginia is that Barack has been able to chip away at Hillary's coalition of white women, latino and working class voters. In Viginia he made significant in-roads with white women and working class voters. Now Hillary needs to win Texas, Ohio and Penslvania by the same margins Barack won these past 8 contests. Which means by 19 percentage points or more -- the smallest margin of Barack's wins (Maine) in the past 8 states since Super Tuesday. Good luck sista!!!!

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