Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank You, the El Paso Police

It sucks living in the southwest and not being part of a gang. Females don't like you, people yell things out of their car at you, and you have to watch your back always (mostly for people yelling things out of their car at you).

This 1992 PSA from the El Paso Police Department, ment to stear kids away from gang life, using a catchy rap tune and shocking images, did just the opposite for me. It reminded me of just how big of a loser I am. I like rap music alright. But at the same time, I've always secretly wanted to wear Raiders clothing and hang out around trash can fires with my guys like I was in the Wu-Tang Clan. And if that's not enough, there were parts of this video that I felt were speaking directly to me. For instance, they show a close up of a young gentlemans jacket while he's using a payphone. The jacket has the mans name embroided on the back in old english. Now, how could they have possibly known, without knowing me, that a "KOOCH" old english embroiderd jacket (or hat) is in my top 5 things that I want most in this world? They couldnt have. Thats what's so fucked about this whole thing right now..

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