Saturday, February 16, 2008

When I Went To School In Olympia...

Dead Prez was playing a college show (do they play anything else these days?) on Valentine's Day in Olympia, Washington, and their crowd broke into a riot. When a campus police officer arrested one civilian, rioters reportedly surrounded the car and demanded the individual's release. Backup arrived, the detainee was released, and then rioters escalated their antagonisms, flipping a police car and busting out its windows. Oh, and Dead Prez played "Fuck the Police" while this was all going down. You can read the full story here.

Let me take this opportunity to say that white people go fucking crazy at Dead Prez shows. I saw them perform at the Sommerville Ampitheater -- which is not hood -- in Medford, Massachusetts back in 2001, and all these dreadlocked white doods started lighting dollar bills on fire and head banging. I left immediately. When people are burning cash there is no telling what they're likely to do next. And moreover, Dead Prez has never said anything about not liking money itself. Rather, they've complained that some people (crackers in city hall) have too much of it, and that poor righteous rappers don't have enough (you wonder why we feel like fuck the law).

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