Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jiggy Era

Inspired by Prince Charles and his love for Bad Boy.

During the mid to late 90's era of jiggyness, I was so wrapped up in keeping hiphop "real" (whatever that means now), that I slept on a few years of some pretty good music. Ok, I wasn't asleep entirely. I was more like napping, I guess you could say, because I did like some stuff (wasn't like I was going to let you know that though).

Nowadays, backpack rap sucks, mostly. Crunk was funny to me for a second. I live in close proximity to Texas, so I went kind of crazy with the whole Houston/Swishahouse thing for a while. Dipset was original and they had bangin' production (Heatmakerz). Mashups were cute when they were ironic still. But really, all and all rap has been pretty uninspiring this decade. Now I'll even go as far as to say that it sucks. I'm not trying to debate that, it's just one mans opinion (not that of the blogs), that not even a Nas/Premier album would be able to change at this point.

The more I became less impressed with the way hiphop was going, the more I was being asked to play out at clubs and parties, the more jiggy music started to appeal to me.

So now I'm on Youtube fucking around. Here are some videos I came across. It's not like I dug way deep in the crate or anything. And it's not like I have a lot of time or the greatest memory either. But you should remember these..

One of my favs..

When I began to lose interest in doing radio, and everyone else around me seemed to as well, I put this instrumental on replay on air, no joke, somewhere between 10 and 15 times before anyone caught on..

Horse and Carriage..

And the rmx with the Night Court sample,

Biggups to Mr. C for this one..

Terror Squad style..

Crush on You..

Not sure if this is "jiggy", but it's from that era and one of my favs also..


And of course..


yeti said...


Best name of all time.

princetothaC said...

word to the capo's perm in that horse in carriage video. shit is luxurious.

koochzilla said...

koochzilla collins. good looks, yeti.

its hard to beleive that this music is a decade plus old already. but i guess whats really old is me. whats even harder to beleive is that i thought hiphop was bad THEN.

for sure, charles. jimmys been around for a minute, but on cam's coat tail, getting treated like shit, yelled at, and having cassette tapes thrown at him..

no wonder why your boy ol' shifty eyes is the way that he is now..