Saturday, March 8, 2008

More The Roots

Back with their second video in like a week. This time, instead of kidnapping and smacking up crackers, The Roots have decided to make what looks to be a tribute to The Office, Illadelph style. Welcome back Dice Raw, playing Kevin, obviously. And Peedie does a good Jim, trying to holla at Pam at the front desk.

Michael and Toby.

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Big Stace said...

It's dope how the hair pick doubles as a USB port, hahahaha. It is strange, however, how at the end the video sort of dissolves into a commercial for The Fader/Cornerstone. I guess Cornerstone is doing their management now but I didn't realize it was dope to suddenly make video tributes to the way things run in yr uber cool metropolitan management company's office.

and on a completely female related note: peedi crack is toooooo fine.