Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today May Be The Day!!!!!!!!

So if folks don't know today Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party. If Hillary wins Texas and Ohio she lives for another day, and questions start swirling Obama on if he can close the deal. If Obama wins either Texas or Ohio its a done deal he will be the nominee of the Democrats. But I was feeling all down this morning because all the polls show Hilllary ahead and gaining momentum.

In all fairness it has been a tough week for Obama, the Somali garb photo came out


The Rezko trail has arrived and Obama is foolishly still refusing to take hard questioning on his relationship with Rezko. Obama cut a press conference short after only 8 questions on Rezko when the best thing that someone like Obama could do; a candidate who is slangin hope and change, is to have a two hour question and answer period the way McCain did about the New York Times Lobbyist story with the caveat that afterwards he will take no more questions. It would give the impression to voters that hes down to be transperent but also willing to stand up to the press and it would change the narrative of the press being soft on Obama. If Obama followed the McCain strategy regarding Rezko he would innoculate himself against the false accusation that he is unwilling to take tough questioning regarding his friendship with Rezko.

Theres is also NAFTA Gate, which places Obama chief economic advisor telling the Canadian government that Obama's Anti NAFTA stance is just rhetoric for the Dem primary.

But by far the most insidious event of this week is the the continued smear campaign that Obama is a Muslim Manchurian Canidate , which entered a new phase when Hillary spoke to the issue on 60 minutes. When asked if she thought Barack was a Muslim she responded that "there nothing to base that on, as far as I know". Such a statement implies that there is maybe something we don't know, when Hillary could've denounced and rejected the rumor as she had Obama do regarding Farrakhan's support.

So yeah tough week for Obama but then i saw this video on Jack and Jills blog and I was inspired so much so that I was in tears (I know so emoooo!!!!). But theres nothing like hearing from the organizers on the ground to make you start feeling like everything will be okay.

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princetothaC said...

8 years from now... 12 years from now... i had no idea it was going to be 4 years from now.

i remember thinking the same thing.