Monday, March 3, 2008


In all out effort for street wear companies to do whatever it takes to bite, steal, and co-opt any sort of anti establishment movement or culture, Puma and RBC is proud to present the Suede Lo with black fist etched in for good measure.


I joke; RBC has nothing to do with latest travesty of Black Liberation Co-option Street wear. And I mean come on, all over print fists. When can we let the all over print go the way of polka dots. Oh wait kids in Wicker park still rock polka dots like they have black cousin name Kwame but I’m digressing.


The shoes are coming out to commemorate Tommie Smith who in 1968 along with John Carlos pump there fist in protest of the US policies toward African Americans. Ironically Tommie and John wore no shoes at the ceremony to symbolize the poverty of black America. Not so ironically one must assume Tommie nor John will receive any of the profits made from the shoes. But still since "we have come so far" Puma decided to make a shoe with black fist print all over in honor of this moment in history. At a certain point one has to be like what the fuck is with this shit. It’s one thing when a indie company like Creative Recs or Supra does some shit like this but let’s not dilutes ourselves. Puma is a multinational corporation that made 766 million for their old rich white exceptive board last year, they could give flying fuck about Black liberation or the history of it unless it somehow fattens there pockets first. If they gave a fuck they would sponsor free school programs(that’s right a majority of Africa does not have a public school system) in Africa instead of soccer teams, and would pay for after school programs in America instead some bougie back to Africa Fela Kuti Revival that ignores the fact that the man died from AIDS.
Yeah I’m bitter , very bitter. Power to People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Again all over prints are way too played out , holla!!!!!!!!


koochzilla said...
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koochzilla said...


i have beef with streetwear that runs deep on a lot of levels.

mostly because its single handedly the most unoriginal, played out shit to happen this decade.

i miss the days of 20 dollar tees and searching forever for the right nikes. and then having to put yourself togather on your own in a way thats original and not letting these companies put you togather for you (while stealing all of the money out of your wallet).

but this does not suprise me with puma. not one bit. anything is game right now.

lets just hope that they get something going with the profits.

stacey said...

even despite all their trendsetting marketing campaigns, once again puma got the late pass on a way played out trend.

maybe they should hire back prince c!